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Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison on Sunday. As a free woman, she moncler outlet store will reportedly live in a secret location, likely under a new name. According to some reports, Anthony is being advised to dramatically change her moncler womens jackets appearance.

While her attorneys are aware how hated she is, Anthony may not fully understand that until she gets out. While she been sitting in a moncler sale online jail cell, she has become a celebrity of sorts, getting letters of support and cash from all over the country. ABC News reports Anthony has nearly $500 in her jailhouse bank moncler sale outlet account. The money has come in from at least 17 donors since May, mostly from men. What a surprise.

In the grand American tradition, Casey Anthony stands to make millions from telling her story. Not that it would likely be moncler sale the truth. She a stranger to the truth.

A producer associated with Jerry Springer Show has offered Anthony $1 million for her first cheap moncler sale televised interview. However, “The Jerry Springer Show” denies the offer was made to appear on that particular program.

You can bet that at some point there will be an interview, a book or a movie. She stands to become a rich woman while the questions about what happened to her beautiful little daughter remain unanswered. For 31 days, a child is missing, and Casey Anthony parties while lying to everyone about the child whereabouts.

The trunk of her car was later found to smell of death, her daughter remains were eventually found tossed in a swamp like so much trash, and the jury found her not guilty of her daughter death.

She was convicted of repeatedly lying to police. uk moncler sale But why would you lie to police if you had nothing to hide?

Here’s my question to you: Did the Casey Anthony moncler online store trial alter your view of the criminal justice system?

Anthony attorney Jose Baez applauded the jury shortly after leaving the courtroom today for doing what he said they are supposed to finding their verdict based on evidence and not emotion. Baez said, cannot convict someone until they have their day in court. defense team believed the public and the media had already decided Anthony was guilty of killing her two year old daughter before the jury even heard arguments in the case. Baez and his colleagues pointed to the seemingly non stop coverage of the case on cable television outlets, commentary by so called experts on various pieces of evidence and cheap moncler jackets womens testimony on television and in print, as well as moncler outlet online the crowds that gathered outside the courthouse daily possibly as a result.

But despite what these and other defense attorneys perceive as a media bias in high profile cases guilty until proven innocent many juries simply don buy in. Many very famous defendants in very high profile cases with the most media coverage have all gotten off. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and William Kennedy Smith were all acquitted in trials that featured intense uk moncler outlet media coverage.

And best moncler jackets while the defense slams the media, it might be worth taking a moment to think about why so many of these big cases have the same outcome.

Here’s my question to you: What role did the news media play in moncler uk outlet the outcome of the Casey Anthony murder trial?

Like millions of Americans, I got sucked into watching the Casey Anthony murder trial. Over the July Fourth weekend, I spent several hours engrossed in discount moncler jackets watching the closing arguments, fascinated by the skill of the lawyers, particularly of the prosecutors, as they practiced their craft at the highest level in pursuit of justice for a 2 year old girl moncler outlet woodbury who couldn speak for herself.

It was the stuff of high drama. And for six weeks, the country has been riveted by the goings on inside the courtroom in Orlando, Florida.

Our sister networks, HLN along with moncler outlet Tru cheap moncler coats mens TV, have mined ratings gold from trial coverage, garnering some of the highest numbers in their history.

This isn the first time a mother has been put on trial for the death of her child. This isn the first time television cameras moncler outlet sale have been moncler usa allowed in a courtroom. Or the first time a defendant has been caught in countless lies and cover ups or been depicted as a less than stand up person during testimony. Nor was it the first time a defendant showed little emotion throughout it all. But for some reason, the country couldn get enough. all over again. Right down to the outcome.

The verdict left a lot of people scratching their heads. After my weekend on the couch watching the proceedings, I would have bet Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. on a guilty verdict. And I would have been dead wrong.

Here’s my question to you: Why did the Casey Anthony murder trial captivate the nation?

And when something moncler outlet prices like the Tucson massacre happens, the debate roars to life all over again.

It was remarkably easy for the shooter Jared Lee Loughner to get his hands on a gun in Arizona, which has some of the laxest gun laws in the country.

The 22 year old passed an instant background check in a sporting goods store before purchasing a Glock 19 a 9mm semi automatic pistol. He also bought an oversized magazine that allowed him to fire 33 shots without reloading instead of the standard 10. Some lawmakers want to ban these oversized magazines nationwide.

They already outlawed in at least 6 states.

But not Arizona where a recent law allows anyone over 21 to carry a gun without a permit. Guns are allowed almost everywhere in Arizona including the state capitol, many public buildings, in places that serve alcohol and on school grounds.

Meanwhile, cheap moncler jackets mens by many accounts, cheap moncler monlcer down jackets jackets Loughner is being described as mentally unstable and someone who should have never been allowed to buy a weapon in the first place.

He failed the screening process for the military and was rejected. Loughner had five run ins with his Community College police before he was kicked out of school for disruptive activity.

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