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Tinidazole, which is supplied for metronidazole recommend that you metronidazole flagyl clindamycin talk to read patient labeling, reviews, and rare side effects.

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doxycycline, zithromax, cipro, amoxil, tetracycline, flagyl er, ampicillin, bactrim, levaquin, erythromycin, stromectol, brand amoxil, cephalexin, augmentin, keflex, sumycin, terramycin.

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other antibiotics that are sometimes used to treat sinusitis include cipro ciprofloxacin , levaquin levofloxacin , zagam sparfloxacin , avelox moxifloxacin , tequin gatifloxacin , cleocin clindamycin , flagyl metronidazole , vantin cefpodoxime , suprax cefixime , and cedax ceftibuten .

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not directly i don t know of any data indicating that metronidazole, or flagyl, will increase your fertility but, if you re taking oral contraceptive pills, antibiotics may interfere with their efficacy and thus increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

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