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However, additional probes need to be included in the assay to improve the detection of isoniazid-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in pakistan.

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brexpiprazole major because brexpiprazole is partially metabolized by cyp3a4, the manufacturer recommends that the brexpiprazole dose be reduced to one-half of the usual dose in patients receiving strong inhibitors of cyp3a4 such as isoniazid, inh.

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isoniazid-induced sideroblastic anaemia is treated by withdrawing the drug and administering pyridoxine the precursor of pyridoxal phosphate, which is a co-factor associated with alas function .

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the centers for disease control and prevention cdc recommends isoniazid 300 mg po once daily or 900 mg day po twice weekly with pyridoxine 50 mg once daily or 100 mg twice weekly for 9 months.

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however, because levels of myambutol-inh isoniazid are so low in breast milk, they can not be relied upon for prophylaxis or therapy of nursing infants.

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cautions for isoniazid.


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