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‘Mirage’ of GMs’ golden promise

The World Health Organisation estimates about 250 million people globally are deficient in vitamin A, increasing their risk of blindness, immune problems and other serious conditions.

So golden rice sounded like canada goose uk shop a real answer to a genuine problem, especially since the biotech company responsible, Zeneca, said it would offer the seeds freely to farmers in poor countries.

The Canada Goose Jackets reality, though, appears a little more prosaic. For a start, the genes for beta carotene canada goose black friday sale are canada goose uk outlet already present in conventional rice.

It is just that they do canada goose clearance not work as well in the “natural” varieties as in cheap Canada Goose the novel version.

Beyond that though, poorly fed people are unlikely to be able to absorb beta carotene Canada Goose Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Outlet even when they eat golden rice. To use it, they need a diverse diet, including cheap canada goose uk green leafy vegetables.

But the sorts of vegetables people used to be able to find have declined in number as the green revolution of buy canada goose jacket cheap the 60s and 70s emphasised monocultures of new varieties.

Household consumption of vegetables in India has fallen by 12% in two decades.

The prospects for golden rice receded a little further in 2002, when scientists Canada Goose Online published the draft sequences of the rice genome.

That promised quicker results from conventional plant breeding, partly because it established where the beta carotene “pathway” sat in the rice code.

A scientist from the biotech company Syngenta, which now includes Zeneca, said: “All the canada goose coats genes are present in rice. canada goose coats on sale One could make a non GM vitamin A rice simply by studying those canada goose clearance sale genes in a more focused way.”

Golden rice may prove part of the answer to vitamin A deficiency, though not the comprehensive solution it seemed to be.

But it would be an answer that came with a hefty price buy canada goose jacket tag: Canada Goose Coats On Sale the persistent concerns about the safety of GM technology to canada goose uk outlet human health and to wild species.

Golden rice looks like being a special case, anyway, because the biotech industry is unlikely to give poor farmers free access to all its inventions.

People who campaign against GM crops are sometimes accused of wanting to deny the wretched of the Earth the chance to escape poverty and disease, all in the canada goose uk black friday name of their own ideological canada goose store obsession. But some impressive figures echo their concerns.

Dr Richard Horton, editor of the British medical journal The Lancet, said: “Seeking a Canada Goose sale technological food fix for uk canada goose outlet world hunger may be. the most commercially malevolent wild goose chase of the new century.”

And from the biotech industry itself, Steve Smith, who worked for Syngenta Seeds before his Canada Goose online death in June 2003, said: “If anyone tells you that GM is going to feed the world, tell them that it is not. To feed the world takes political and financial canada goose factory sale will it’s uk canada goose not about production and distribution.”

Every day 800 million people go to bed with empty stomachs. Every day more than 30,000 under fives die, from Canada Goose Parka easily prevented diseases or from hunger.

The world is out of joint, and it will stay that way until those of us canadian goose jacket who are well fed care enough to wage a canada goose war on hunger as ferocious as that against terrorism.

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