Her spirit does what she can to keep up their marriage by

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Nearly every show in this franchise has shown the cops barging into a doctor’s office/exam room/ operating room to arrest the doctor in question or their patient. This is grossly inappropriate behavior that would never happen in Real Life (possibly even lampshaded by the fact that there’s always someone present yelling, “You can’t go in there!”). These actions would not only violate patient privacy (very often, they are present when the cops walk in), they would compromise the sterility of the OR and cause a huge swath of problems for the hospital/clinic staff.

Canada Goose Jackets Some other things he is known to admire: Assassin’s Creed, to the point where he’s made two different major references to it in the Metal Gear series. Mad Max, specifically The Road Warrior and Fury Road. He’s mentioned that Road Warrior was in his personal Top Five favorite movies, only to later get dethroned by Fury Road. Mega64, to the points where he’s even guest starred in one of their sketches, and even commissioned them to make a trailer for his new Transfarring data system. of which was one of the reasons why he asked PlatinumGames to work on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Pokmon, which he is said to have all of the games and all of the Pok (including legendary) in every one of the regional Pok Yu Gi Oh!. In response, they made a card in tribute of him, Tactical Espionage Expert. Super Smash Bros.: He wanted Solid Snake in to be included in Melee and got his wish granted in Brawl. Pacific Rim, which home he was very happy about and may have led to his later collaboration with Guillermo del Toro in Silent Hills until it was sadly cancellednote Which was somewhat rectified in Death Stranding, which Del Toro had willingly lent his likeness to a character in the game even if it’s not played by himself proper. Gundam, with the reference to Minovsky Particles in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and his photos of himself with the Odaiba statue being just the tip of the iceberg. David Bowie: Several references have been made to both his albums and songs throughout the Metal Gear series, and Midge Ure’s cover of “The Man Who Sold the World” was used as the main theme song of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Godzilla. On your first save in Snake Eater, the first movie Para Medic tells Big Boss is the very first Godzilla (1954) film. He even posted the posters he bought of Shin Godzilla. The works of Nicolas Winding Refn, which led him to the casting of Mads Mikkelsen in Death Stranding. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Outlet Kicked Upstairs: Ner’zhul is placed in a meaningless, decorative position to prevent him from interfering with the Shadow Council’s plans (which he ends up becoming privvy to) and those of Kil’jaeden. The Lost Lenore: Rulkan, Ner’zhul’s deceasesd mate. Her spirit does what she can to keep up their marriage by visiting him and offering him comfort. His ongoing attachment to and trust in her leads to Kil’jaeden imitating her to gain Ner’zhul’s trust. My God, What Have I Done?: Ner’zhul is horrified by the realisation that he has beeen tricked into committing genocide, and vows to undo his mistakes. cheap Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Outlet sale While the familial relationship between Tachyon and her nemesis The Matriarch had been known via Word of God for some time, their nemesis dialog is the first place it was confirmed within the game itself that they were cousins. The video game’s bios also confirmed that Freedom 6 Unity was a separate entity from the original Unity, who died of her wounds from Iron Legacy’s attack in that timeline, while the original promo bio left it ambiguous. The Adjectival Superhero: A few of the heroes or their variants, such as the Indestructible Bunker, the Savage Haka, and the Super Scientific Tachyon. linked site Canada Goose Outlet sale

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