In order to become clear you would need to write out all the

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Designer Fake Bags 1. The first step to using the affirmations is to become very clear about what you want. In order to become clear you would need to write out all the details that you would like to see and experience in the thing that you want. Can you explain why teams cut players who are “busts” or “disappointments” and take the cap hit, rather than trying first to trade bad contract for bad contract with another team, and then cutting if necessary? Maybe “one man’s trash” is your treasure? Change of scenery, scheme, etc., could make a player worth keeping Is there something about the $ that teams end up on the hook for both bad contracts? For example. Meachem Cox, we cut them and took the cap hit. Could the Bolts have traded them to another team for their “soon to be cut” washouts? If the trade still leaves you with garbage, then you cut Designer Fake Bags.

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