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Most Haunted Places

All through history, people have believed in ghosts. Even in our moncler outlet store modern era, people believe spirits roam the earth. In fact, 48% of the population believe in ghosts. Some people even claim to have seen one!

It has been said that when a person dies a moncler sale outlet tragic death, their spirit refuses to leave this world. Some souls believe they are still alive and some may even want revenge.

In the United States, there are many famous places that are haunted and I’ve chosen five that are arguably the most haunted places in the country. Ghost hunters moncler outlet sale and mediums alike have investigated these areas and confirm they are all truly haunted. All of these places are open to the public so why not book a trip and see for yourself? You just may spot a ghost!

AlcatrazLocation: San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz (also known as The Rock) is an island off the coast of San Francisco. Native Americans believed the island was inhabited by evil spirits. The Natives would banish people to the island as punishment for breaking tribal law.

Eventually the island would be home to a military prison and then in 1933, a state penitentiary. While the prison was open, inmates and guards would hear cannons, gunshots and screaming coming from nowhere. The prison was closed moncler outlet in 1963 after some inmates attempted an escape. Their bodies were never found and were presumed to have drowned in the ocean.

Although the prison is now empty, cold spots can be felt throughout the prison. Visions of guards and prisoners will suddenly appear in the empty prison halls and cells. It’s said that Al Capone, who was a prisoner at Alcatraz, has been seen roaming the halls. People also claim to have heard him play his banjo. Another ghost that supposedly haunts the grounds is Robert Stroud (Known as Birdman of Alcatraz). Birdman can be heard calling his birds in the prison.

Alcatraz is uk moncler outlet now a museum and visitors come from around the world to see the famous prison.

Bobby Mackey’s Music WorldLocation: Wilder, KY

If you are planning a trip to Kentucky, make sure to stop at Bobby Mackey’s Music World to hear some great country music. You may even spot a ghost or two.

Locals refer to this property as “The Gateway to Hell”. In the 1850s the location was home to a slaughterhouse. When the slaughterhouse closed, the grounds became a meeting place for Satanists. Dead animals were sacraficed on the property. One day a decapitated body of a pregnant woman was cheap moncler jackets womens found on the premises. Her name was Pearl Bryan.

In the 1920s, the abandoned slaughterhouse was finally torn down and a speakeasy was cheap moncler jackets mens built in its moncler outlet prices place. The owner named the speakeasy Primerose. Murders had taken place in the speakeasy but had gone unreported due to the illegal drinking and gambling that went on inside. The moncler uk outlet owner of Primerose sold his business in the 1950s and shortly after commited suicide.

The Primerose was renamed the Latin Quarter. The new owner was rumored to be a mobster. His daughter, Johanna, became pregnant by one of the musician that worked at the club. moncler usa The owner used his mobster connections to have him killed. Shortly afterwards Johanna took her own life.

In the 1970s Bobby Mackey purchased the club. Although he’s had good luck with his business, patrons and employees alike have seen and heard strange things in the tavern. The jukebox has been known to go off itself and after closing time. Voices are often heard, lights turn on and off and men have been seen sitting at the bar. Johanna’s rose perfume can also be smelled sometimes. At least two past employees claim to have spoken to Johanna and Pearl Bryan. cheap moncler coats mens A frightening apparition of Pearl’s headless body moncler outlet online has been seen floating around the tavern. It is said to be the world’s first true penitentiary and was the first prison cheap moncler jackets to use solitary confinement as punishment. Prisoners had their own cells, ate alone and were not allowed contact with any other inmates. When leaving moncler sale Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. their cells, prisoners were forced to wear a hood as a means to keep them isolated. The prisoners eventually went insane.

After the prison shut down in 1971, it became a museum and on Halloween, it’s a haunted house. Many people report hearing footsteps, pacing and lonely cries. 51,000 lives were lost. Due to the tragic events that took place on this battlefield, it is one of the most haunted places in America.

Devils Den is an area in the battlefield that contains large boulders. Some Confederates would hide behind the boulders while shooting the Union soldiers. The Union soldiers eventually found them and killed them. Cameras always malfunction in this area.

The Confederates had lost the war and were not given proper burial. best moncler jackets Spirits of the Confederates and Union soldiers have been reported moncler womens jackets roaming the battlefield. A civilian moncler sale online who was accidently shot and killed at her home has also been spotted.

Winchester MansionLocation: San Jose, CA

Sarah discount moncler jackets Winchester was a rich Victorian woman uk moncler sale whose husband was heir to a rifle company in Boston. She suffered misfortune such as the death of her baby and becoming a widow prematurely. A psychic had told her that her family was cursed by all the souls lost to the rifles made by her family. In order for her to break the curse, she must leave her home, travel west and build a new house. She must never stop building or else she too would die. So Mrs. Winchester did exactly what the moncler outlet woodbury psychic instructed.

Construction men worked in shifts around the clock, day and night for 38 years. When Mrs. Winchester died in 1922, construction abruptly stopped.

At the end of construction, the mansion had 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairways and fireplaces, 13 bathrooms and 6 kitchens! The house is built like a maze and one can easily get lost inside it. The home contains staircases moncler online store that lead to nowhere, doors that cheap moncler outlet open to steep drops to the ground below, closets that open to blank walls and trap doors. All of this was done to confuse the spirits.

The mansion stands today and is a landmark. It’s said that the home is inhabited by several ghosts, including Sarah’s. People who visit cheap moncler sale the mansion report cold spots and the sound of hammering. It’s as if the construcion truly never stopped.

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