Seal paintings share matter, scale and palette

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The book is a struggle for victory surrounded by an environment of defeat. There is the aftermath reality of war that not only must be accepted, but risen above, surmounted, and overcome. The Ambiance of Victory revolves around two people resolved to survive for their history, their philosophy, and their religion.

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Berlin based Ivan Seal was a sound artist before switching to painting a couple of years ago. Sound still plays a role in his art and at his In Here Stands It installation the paintings were shown alongside computer generated sound works, whose structure and rhythm are akin to the flow of canvases on the gallery wall. Seal paintings share matter, scale and palette.

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The driver of the truck was killed, President Donald Trump said Wednesday afternoon. Six patients were transported to UVA Medical Center, with one in critical condition. One of those six has been discharged, while the remaining four were being evaluated..

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