So heartbreaking hearing these parents talk about their child

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canada goose Tags baby malachy the rotunda See other tags Tags Viewers are in awe of the couple who shared their story of a fetal anomaly on The Rotunda It made for an emotional watch. By Fionnuala Jones Friday 14 Sep 2018, 8:22 AM Sep 14th 2018, 8:22 AM 6,780 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4235052 Share201 Tweet Email THE FIRST EPISODE of a new series, The Rotunda, aired on RT2 last night. Source: RT2The series looks to give an insight into Irelands oldest maternity hospital, and the stories of the people that walk through its doors every day.Kay Cramp, a mother of seven who acted as her daughter Nicolas birthing partner as she welcomed her baby Canada Goose jackets , was a fan favourite last night.Meet Kay Cramp#TheRotunda is due tomorrow at 9:30pm RT2 (@RTE2)September 12, 2018Omg can she be my mamIsnt she great#TheRotunda CROSSY (@CrossyTweets)September 13, 2018Some people had their minds made up for them.Just watched a c section on #TheRotundaNOPE.NOT FOR ME.NO THANK YOU. Eimear N Hula Hoop (@sweatyuncle)September 13 , 2018 While one coupled shared the heartbreak of a fetal anomaly, and a nation cried with them.Despite his short time spent on earth, baby Malachy left a lasting legacy.For a couple who have received devastating news that their baby has an anomaly to allow a camera crew into their lives is just so brave but so important for people to see the quality of care available in hospitals like #TheRotunda Siobhn de Paor (@SiobhandeP)September 13, 2018We need more openness about and understanding for perinatal loss. This is a hard but important topic. Thank you #theRotunda Niamh N Caiside (@niamhok)September 13, 2018RIP little baby Malachy. Very, very brave of the parents to go on TV. In tears watching it x #TheRotunda Eimear (@MissEims)September 13, 2018When baby doesnt cry, the silence is profound. So heartbreaking hearing these parents talk about their child who isnt expected to live. My beautiful and very tiny nephew lived and died in #TheRotunda and the staff there were beyond kind Jennifer OConnell (@jenoconnell)September 13, 2018Most people are familar with the black and white facts of a fetal anomaly, and have a basic understanding of loss. Watching something like this isnt particularly unique, with shows like One Born Every Minute paving the way for docu-series like this.Given that this is set in an Irish hospital, in a setting the majority of people are familiar with through their own experience or others, its clear that this struck a chord with a lot of viewers.You can watch the first episode back here a must-watch when it comes to understanding the gravity of losing a child.If you were affected by subjects in this article, please refer to the support links below.We hope everyone enjoyed the programme this evening, but we know it could have been a tough thing to watch if youre dealing with grief. So, just know we

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